Toll free service has advanced as a fundamental help in current telecom around the planet. It is a help wherein the guest doesn’t pay for the call rather the called party or an outsider pays for the call. Consequently, it is Complementary for the guest. The Complementary Assistance is unique in relation to gather all.



The word virtual means non existing in the physical world. People have come a long way from age of wired telephone to communication through wireless calls and text. Virtual Numbers are the numbers just like other phone numbers but follow an internet-based call making procedure independent of wired or cell tower networks. They are also called Direct Inward Dialing (DID). Virtual numbers are not connected to anything physical means virtual number connects to phone networks with the help of internet or VoIP and calls or messages can be intercepted through any device that is connected to clouds.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a robotized telephone framework innovation that permits approaching guests to get to data by means of a voice reaction arrangement of prerecorded messages without addressing a specialist, just as to use menu alternatives through touch tone keypad determination or discourse acknowledgment to have their call steered to explicit offices or trained professionals. An all-around planned IVR programming framework can help increment consumer loyalty and improve contact focus tasks and KPIs.


Cell phones have become a multi-layered gadget and various measurements are added to it offering Worth Added Administrations. One such VAS, encouraging call the executives is Missed call alert. The missed call alert is a lead age esteem added administration that permits portable administrators to outfit the clients with a simple to utilize call log and warning framework, for the calls missed while the called party was inaccessible or his cell phone was turned off.

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