ISM (Internet Search Marketing) Package

In this package we provide:

In this competitive world market user has some option to get customer search & compare on internet only for better, ism is providing all better content & key words to fulfill customer needs. ISM strategy helps your business to improve more clients through magnetic powers. Ism helps your business or your search to influence more traffic. Convert the traffics towards your brands and users.
Let the customer find you ISM provide the smart ways of doing business with positive growth & results. Internet is the only platform for communicating or share or searching. Get easy promotion through ISM. Based on the demand strategy, we do:
- Key word optimization
- Content optimization
- Attractive and easy words
- Magnetic Marketing strategy.
Marketing Package fee -Rs 35000/-
Marketing Duration - 3 Months Only
Services Under this package includes: 1.Online Listings with classified contents of your Business. 2. Listing with Best Searching Keywords contents. 3. Online Searching On Google and Other Search Engines. 4. Free Listing on (Best Local Search Directory in India).
5. Kota pride special OSM (Online Search Marketing) , OCM(Online classified Marketing) , CSM(Content Searching Marketing)
7. Free Listing on (Best Education Search Directory in India).
8. Free Listing on (Best Search Directory in India).
9. Marketing on Quora and Locanto sites.
10. Google my business promotion with top search in ranking on Google and positive reviews.
11. All Campaigns will be Organic. Searching on search engine will be permanent.
Our Brands Include
KAS: KotaPride Advertisement Services
OSM: Online Search Marketing
OCM: Online Classified Marketing
CSM: Content Search Marketing
CAS: Classified Advertising Services
Note : We Believe on customer Business searching on Google Using Our Services According to customer Needs and Our Team Provide all necessary tools for ranking their business on Google.

We are dealing in Digital Marketing Services to Promote Businesses on online Platforms & Provide IT Services.

We are committed to 100% client satisfaction which is the main reason for our global presence. With 15+ years of experience