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cyber security tips – cybersecurity is important Stay Safe Online
Never click web links received through emails, unless you are sure if their authenticity. Avoid filling forms received from unknown sources. Please Follow Tips – Stay Safe Online
If you are a victim of cybercrime, dial 1930 and register your complaint at
save paper- save environment-save life – Be Connected – Stay SAfe Online- Follow Cyber Tips

Kotapride Digital Kota request all internet users to follow safety tips while surfing online. ‘Cyber Security Awareness Month October ‘ with a theme to develop awareness for Internet users on safeguarding against cyber attacks, frauds and cyber crimes.
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!
# StaySafeOnline, protect your data, and be vigilant.
Let’s make the Internet a safer place together.
Be # Cyber Smart!
“Encourage everyone to use internet safely”

#internet marketing 2023 #CyberSecurityAwareness #kotapride #CyberSwachhtaKendra.

Internet safety tips for children
• Never talk to strangers on the Internet
• Never agree to meet anyone in person that you’ve met online without parent approval and/or supervision
• Never visit a chat room without an adult’s / parent’s permission
• Never give anyone your password, name, address, the name of your school or any information about our family
• Don’t stay online if you see something you think your parents won’t like
• Don’t post pictures of yourself without your parents’ permission
• Do not download or install anything on your computer without your parents’ permission
• If you have any questions about something you read, ask your parent or guardian
• If you are talking to someone online and he/she make you uncomfortable, contact your parent immediately and stop the conversation

Internet Safety tips for Parents
• Encourage your child to come to you if anything disturbs or frightens him/her online
• Be watchful of your child’s online activity and his/her behaviour
• Encourage your child to be careful & cautious when disclosing personal information
• Teach your child how to evaluate the authenticity of information online
• Teach children how to keep information private online
• Make the child aware that what goes online stays there forever

If you are a victim of cyber crime, register your complaint at

Social Media is a great tool to have
If you play it safe
Few safety tips to remember
• Enable strong privacy settings of all your social media accounts
• Use strong passwords for all your accounts
• Do not share personal information with anyone
• Be cautious before accepting friend requests from strangers/ unknown people
• Be attentive while clicking on unverified links
Cyber safety tips while using social media platforms.
Kotapride Digital Marketing Agency in Kota and CEO Sunil Chawla motivates everyone to use internet safely and do not trust on unfavorable content. Please help everyone to use safe internet.

If you are a victim of cyber crime, register your complaint at

Update your internet safety skills and experience Best Digital life.
Thankful and grateful to all internet users.
Kotapride Digital team
Sunil Chawla