The Power of Thoughts and Imaginations Dr Bhawna Gautam

How do positive people manage the low moments of life?
Being positive is an attitude towards life. It doesn’t mean that you don’t experience setbacks in life, but with your optimism, you are able to pick yourself up every time.
Positive people experience heartbreak, disappointment or challenges as anyone else. They also feel emotional, become sad and cry at times. What helps them stand up every time is their hopeful attitude. They see hope in everything, a reason for every happening and a solution for every problem.
To keep a positive attitude towards life, you need to change how you look at things. Approach life with trust, focus on solutions rather than problems and involve yourself in daily physical and mental activities that revive your mind. A positive mind can help you get through the lowest time of life.
Dr Bhawna Gautam
How does giving make us happy?
Happiness comes from the feeling of fulfilment. When we feel our life has worth, we feel fulfilled.
We all are always looking for ways to feel happy. The search for happiness creates a vacuum within us because we always look for the source of happiness outside us. We feel that the more we receive, the more we will become happy. But, in reality, it is when we start giving out is when we actually find it.
If you want to feel happy, give wholeheartedly. Help the needy and keep your heart open. Every time you will fulfil someone’s needs, you add to your own happiness.
Dr Bhawna Gautam