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Rs.999  for (1yr)  / Rs1,499 2 yrs only 

  • Custom website design
  • Dynamic Featured  website
  • Responsive websites that look great on all devices
  • Secure websites with SSL certificates
  • Website maintenance and support  also offers a number of other benefits, including : –

  • Smart dynamic contents for your Brands
  • Free consultation and advice
  • Boost brand awareness and engagement: Showcase your unique value proposition and connect with potential customers .
  • Drive traffic to your website and social media: Easily share your digital Website Profile Link with a simple tap, leading interested individuals directly to your online presence.
  • Increase leads and sales: Convert casual interactions into concrete actions with built-in contact forms and booking options.
  • Build stronger customer relationships: Offer exclusive content, discounts, and loyalty programs through your mini website.


Why a Digital Mini Website is Your Business’s Secret Weapon for Growth ?


In today’s digital landscape. You need a strong online presence, a virtual handshake that instantly grabs attention and tells your story. That’s where digital mini websiteswith information and personality, come into play.

Creating a digital mini website is easier than ever. Platforms like Digiera offer user-friendly tools and templates that let you build your own mini masterpiece without any coding knowledge.


  • Boost online visibility
  • Build brand awareness and trust
  • Increase sales and conversions
  • Attract more customers
  • Boost online visibility  


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